Murchison Falls Hiking to the Top of the falls is one of the most famous and adventurous activities that you should include on your Uganda Safari to Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the most visited National Parks in Uganda, known for the great safari encounter, with opportunities to see four of the Big Five wildlife. When you combined with a visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, you will then have a big chance to spot all the Big Five on your Uganda Safari to Murchison Falls National Park

The Park is famous for its beautiful falls that can be accessed by both boat cruises along the Nile and road through the southern sector to the Top of the falls.

Murchison Falls National Park is the only park in Uganda that is crossed over by the great River Nile and a boat cruise along the Nile, is so much fun, patched with a number of wildlife and bird species. Number of elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, monitor lizards, crocodiles, hippos and much more are sighted during the boat cruise along the Murchison falls Nile. You can as well order for breakfast to be arranged on your boat cruise in Murchison Falls.

The boat cruise lasts for 2 hours, one way, and the majority of visitors will dork off at Devils Cauldron, and you embark on Murchison Falls Hiking to the Top of the falls.

At the bottom of the falls, you’re able to see the gorge from the distance. The roaring thunderous sound of the water that fuses out through the 7 meter wide gorge is amazing, 43 meters long and it’s more than spectacular.

Take on the hike, up along the falls, watching it, as you listen to the wonderful stories shared by your guide, who will be in position to answer all questions of your concern.

Murchison Falls Hiking to the Top of the falls, is roughly 45 minutes to an hour depending on your pace, and is fun, rewarding as you enjoy the beauty of nature, meet some monkeys along the way on a lucky day, as well a number of bird species can be sighted.

There are rest rooms at the top of the falls, to use, and shades with local seats to take a break before you embark to your vehicle. Many use this area to also serve their picnic lunch.

Remember to come with a good camera so that you take pictures of Murchison Falls and so much more while on Uganda Safaris and Tours.

You will need to have good walking shoes, light clothes and be in good shape to take the walk, as it’s a bit of a steep hike, though the guide walks to the pace of the slower walker. You will need to carry enough drinking water, as it’s too hot some time, as well as an umbrella and insect repellant as the area is infested with tsetse flies. Walk at your own pace, do not rush to catch up with everybody, you will still be at the top. The walk seems light, but when you rush, you will get exhausted much more, take it easy and slowly, at your normal pace.